St. Demetrius
Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
645 Roosevelt Ave, Carteret, NJ 07008
Life is about Love.  Life is about Hope.  Life is about Faith. Life is about Change.  Most importantly it is a gift from God who promises an even more abundant life in his kingdom. If you are seeking to improve your relationship with God, if you are seeking answers in this troubled world, if you have lost your spiritual way, or if you just need a place to rest your soul, then you have found your way home. Welcome to St. Demetrius UOC, a parish within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, but more importantly, a parish within God's Holy, Apostolic and Orthodox tradition. Please come join us for services and experience the beauty of the Orthodox Faith and Tradition.. We welcome all. You don't have to be Ukrainian.  You don't have to be Orthodox. . The majority of our services are conducted in English (especially the Gospel readings and homilies) . If you are interested in pursuing a life in Christ in the Orthodox Church or just are searching, please reach out to and let's start a conversation.  I hope to see you at our next service.
In His Love,
Father James
Donations for Ukraine
Collection for Ukraine

Collection for Ukraine: Here is the list of items we are looking to collect for Ukraine. These items can be brought and dropped off at the church on Sundays from 8AM – 11 AM, Wednesdays 5PM – 8 PM, and Fridays from 5 PM – 8 PM, or by calling the rectory at 732-541-1530 and coordinating a time. 

First Aid Kits 
Antiseptics / Antibiotic Ointments 
OTC Pain relievers 
Children fever reducing medications 
Walkie talkies 
Sleeping Bags 
Thermal Underwear 
Flashlights (w/o batteries) 
Hygiene items (including female hygiene products) 
Powdered Baby Formula 

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